You will love the information that we provide

Daily Reports

Each day, after the markets close, we analyze all the numbers. Using our proprietory indicator mix, we then provide you with what we have taken to calling the Winners Report. This list is composed of all of our trading disciplines and tells you which way individual stocks are set to move tomorrow. For comparison, you also get our take on commonly-watched trends and candlestick patterns.

Custom Filters

In addition to our reports, you can set up your own mix of indicators and criteria. We then give you a list of every single stock that meets your guidelines. No more spending hours over charts to find your picks!

Accuracy Ratings

Anyone can offer you some mysterious voodoo to predict where the markets will head tomorrow. We, however, are the only ones who will tell you how often we're wrong. Each of our formulae have been systematically vetted against over a century of data. We even break it down to the individual stock level to give you the cold truth.

TradingView Only

$ 10 per month

  • Arbitrage Band Indicator
  • Arbitrage CCI Indicator
  • Arbitrage MACD Indicator
  • Arbitrage Pulse Indicator

Novice Plan

$ 100 per month

  • 19 Trading Disciplines
  • 5 Candlestick Patterns
  • 8 Trend Studies
  • Suggested Up / Down Entry Points
  • Historical Accuracy
  • Pivot Points
  • Market Bias
  • Real-time intraday alerts
  • Access To Private Forum

Intermediate Plan

$ 300 per month

  • All Novice Features
  • 6 More Disciplines
  • 6 More Candlesticks
  • 4 More Trends
  • Volume-Price Accumulation Data
  • Historical Pivot Point Data
  • Real-time alerts via SMS (optional)
  • More Analytic Tools Coming

Advanced Plan

$ 500 per month

  • All Intermediate Features
  • 11 More Disciplines
  • 6 More Candlesticks
  • 4 More Trends
  • Volume-Price Sentiment
  • More Analytic Tools Coming

Pro Plan

$ 1,000 per month

  • All Advanced Features
  • 9 More Disciplines
  • 10 More Candlesticks
  • 2 More Trends
  • Custom Indicator Analysis
  • More Analytic Tools Coming