Frequently Asked Questions

At our core, we are a trading assistant that can help you enter trades, exit trades, or trade autonomously on your behalf without any intervention. Arbitrage helps traders become more profitable.

No. We are not a broker of any equities, bonds, forex, crypto, securities or other assets of any kind. We partner with Oanda as our brokerage partner. All assets and investment execution is done on the Oanda platform.

No. Your money is held in Oanda within the individual account you set up. You have complete access to your capital at all times and complete control over your trades. In no way can Arbitrage access your capital. We will never request that you send us money to manage on your behalf. We only provide access to Arbitrage through our subscription service.

Once you have an Oanda account set up, you will input your Oanda account number and API Key number into Arbitrage Trade Assist. This gives us access to provide trade executions within your account without actually holding your money. Arbitrage has access to your Oanda account via the Oanda API Key. The API Key can be turned off at any time by yourself.

The assets Arbitrage trades depend on what Assist level you sign up for. Basic Assist provides access to our 8 base Forex pairs. Advanced Assist provides access to 8 base Forex pairs and cryptocurrencies available through Oanda. Premier Assist access to all Forex and Cryptocurrencies pairs on Oanda and access to Gold, Silver, and SPX pairs for Non-US Oanda clients. See our pricing page for more details.

Your account will come set up ready to trade our default 8 Forex pairs at the Short Term Investor level. If you desire to have more trades executed in a shorter time frame, you can select Day Trader Mode as an example. If you desire to invest in longer trends, Arbitrage will require you to have a Premium Assist plan. See our pricing page for more details.

Arbitrage only trades the capital at the level of your subscription. For example, if you have $10,000 in Oanda, a Basic Arbitrage subscription would cost $100 per month and will trade all $10,000. When your account grows to $15,000, Arbitrage will only trade $10,000 worth of capital because that is allocated at your subscription level. If you want it to trade 100% of your capital, you will need to upgrade your subscription to $200 per month to cover up to $20,000. Subscription pricing will scale at $100 increments as you grow the capital invested with us. This is not an automated process. You have full control over the subscription level of your account. We recommend upgrading your account when you reach 20% growth ($12,000 in this example). This allows you to still grow your account while easily covering your increased investment in the subscription cost.

Once you sign up for Arbitrage, you will receive emails explaining how to set up Oanda, and Arbitrage and how to connect the two. There are multiple educational modules available that are referenced during the Get Started process. If you need additional reference materials, please follow this link to see all of our educational offerings: Arbitrage Education

Every Sunday, our Founder and CEO, Royce Wells, goes over the current state of markets through the lens of the Arbitrage Trades Bands. We also provide learning material here -> Arbitrage Education