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Another Trip Around the Sun
Published on 01/10/2024

Instead of waiting for significant milestones, celebrating each passing year enhances the quality of everyday life. In essence, celebrating your birthday, regardless of age, is an acknowledgment of the beauty of life.

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Stanley Tumbler Hype
Published on 01/09/2024

If your Facebook reels are anything like mine, they have been covered with the Stanley cup - teens excited to get one for Christmas, adult women showing off their collection of 20 or more, and most recently, people waiting in line for hours to get the newest Stanley x Starbucks collaboration tumbler. What’s the deal? Why all of the hype?

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New Year, Build A Skill: Researching
Published on 01/08/2024

It's a new year! Build a skill with us!

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A Different Take on Resolutions for 2024
Published on 01/07/2024

Embarking on a new year can be disconcerting, but you don't necessarily need grand resolutions to make a positive impact on your life.

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2024 Outlook
Published on 01/05/2024

2023 was a wild year for financial markets, and we don’t expect 2024 to be any different: two wars with major political interests continue to rage, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues its rapid development, and financial markets remain uncertain with high-interest rates. Here are five things to watch out for in 2024.

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A Year of Achievement
Published on 01/04/2024

As the New Year is now upon us, the tradition of setting resolutions sparks a desire for personal growth and positive change. Often, grand resolutions made in January can feel overwhelming or get lost in the chaos of daily life. But what if we took a different approach?

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The Power of Taking Microsteps
Published on 01/03/2024

As we proceed into the new year of 2024, consider incorporating these ten manageable adjustments into your daily routine. When woven into your lifestyle, these small habits can collectively contribute to a healthier and more balanced you.

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Healthy Eating
Published on 01/02/2024

What do doctors and nutritionists recommend for a healthy diet?

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The Good News: It's Not Impossible to Make New Friends as an Adult
Published on 01/01/2024

In the landscape of life, the evolution of friendships takes on a profound significance as we venture into our thirties and beyond.

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Holiday Returns
Published on 12/26/2023

You’ve wrapped up all of the holiday celebrations so now it’s time to get down to business. How do you start the return process for those gifts that weren’t quite right?

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2023 Financial Review
Published on 12/22/2023

From interest rates skyrocketing to recent record highs to AI investing leading the market, 2023 has been a crazy year in financial markets! Many things happened that we could not have predicted. Today, we are going to break down our top 6 events of financial markets in 2023.

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Holiday Boundaries
Published on 12/20/2023

As the holiday season approaches, creating and sustaining healthy boundaries is necessary for maintaining mental health and emotional well-being. Whether they are social engagements, work commitments, or family gatherings, it is very important to communicate openly with friends and family about your boundaries. When needs and expectations are clearly and openly expressed.