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Money Moves to Make Before Retirement
Published on 05/03/2024

According to the United States Department of Labor, only half of all Americans have calculated how much money they need to save for retirement. If you are planning to retire in the next few years, there are things you can do now to help take the stress, worry, and uncertainty away.

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Navigating New Social Territories: From First Dates To Roommates
Published on 05/02/2024

Understanding and respecting each other’s backgrounds and boundaries is crucial. It's akin to respecting a date's decision to split the bill due to their personal or cultural values.

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Embracing Forgiveness
Published on 05/01/2024

Through forgiveness, we can release the burden of resentment and bitterness, and free ourselves from the emotional baggage that can poison future relationships.

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What to do if You've Been the Victim of a Financial Scam
Published on 04/30/2024

In 2022 alone, United States consumers reported more than 2.4 million scams totaling $8.8 billion to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). If you’ve been scammed out of money, it is vitally important to act fast. It is a challenging situation, but there are concrete steps you can take.

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Hooked on Deception: The Catfish Chronicles
Published on 04/29/2024

Catfishers typically use social media platforms, like Facebook, dating sites, and chat rooms to forge emotional connections with unsuspecting individuals. One may ponder the reasons behind this behavior.

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The Dawn of 24-Hour Stock Trading: A New Frontier for Investors
Published on 04/26/2024

The concept of a stock market that never sleeps, operating 24 hours a day, may soon transition from a speculative idea to reality. Recent movements by major financial players and entities signal a growing interest in this direction. Notably, Point72, the hedge fund headed by Steve Cohen, has made a significant investment in 24 Exchange, a platform advocating for round-the-clock trading. Moreover, S&P Global has taken an active step by polling customers about the potential shift. This blog post explores the ramifications of such a change, weighing its pros and cons for different market participants.

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Budgets? Budgets? We dont need no stinking Budget
Published on 04/25/2024

Budgeting can feel a bit daunting, but let’s break it down into simpler, more manageable steps. Here's how we can approach it without spreadsheets!

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Nursing Challenges Uncovered
Published on 04/24/2024

To be a nurse demands a level of fitness and endurance often overlooked in training. Nurses must navigate long shifts and physically taxing tasks with agility and resilience, a vital aspect of their holistic preparation for the rigors of patient care.

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Teaching Financial Literacy to Children
Published on 04/23/2024

According to the Council for Economic Education, in 2022 just 23 states require students to take a class in personal finance to graduate from high school. It is up to parents to teach their children about financial literacy!

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Pillow Talk
Published on 04/22/2024

Pillows play a vital role in sleep quality by providing support and alignment for the head, neck, and spine. Finding the one that works for you can make a significant difference in promoting comfortable and restful sleep.

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We're Doomed!
Published on 04/19/2024

The closer the clock is set to midnight, the closer scientists believe the world is to global disaster.

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The Impact of War on Stock Markets and National Economies
Published on 04/18/2024

War, while devastating on human, social, and environmental levels, also creates significant ripples across global economies and stock markets. Historical events have shown varying impacts on financial markets, with certain sectors experiencing growth while overall economies can either suffer or surprisingly benefit in the long-term.